Common Cat Behaviors Explained

Cats. There are an enigma. Very particular, very loyal, very aloof, very much creatures of habit.

Cats have some specific behaviors that all cat parents experience. As we watch and sometimes tolerate, we may wonder why do cats perform certain acts on a daily basis.

I have listed some common cat behaviors that my cats demonstrate.

Cat Behavior Guide

Cat Scratching: This habit for cats enables them to strip away at the old parts of their claws or sheaths to help expose the new layer below. In addition felines mark with their paws scent glands, and extend their claws to simulate climbing.

Cat Naps: Sleeping longs hours is an art form for a cat. They can sleep up to 16 hours. cat nappingMore than likely they are lightly sleeping, ready for a hunt at any given moment (in the wild). Some are sleeping out of boredom.

Cat Kneading: Usually done on a soft, tender surface, like your tummy! This is actually a “milk treading” movement, that is carried over from kitten-hood when they wanted to stimulate milk from their mammas. It’s a good bonding moment with your cat!

Cats and Catnip: A cat will ingest catnip for the high that it gives them. It is safe for them, and they do not form an addiction. The attraction is believed to be from a scent similar to that of urine that the dried plant gives off. Each cat is different in their response including, rolling in it, eating it, and sniffing it.

Cat Purring: This is an audible vibration that comes from within a cat. A feline will purr in contentment, or in fear or stress, sick, or to engage in play with another cat. Mamma cats can purr during labor, and to associate closer with their kittens. The kittens will purr in response. Oddly enough, scientists do not know exactly what part of a feline’s physiology allows it to purr.

Cat Back Arching: This is a defensive, fearful position that a cat will take in order to look larger in front of its prey. With the addition of their fur standing on end they look even larger. They can arch pretty high, with 60 vertebrae in their spine.

Cat Love Bites: This gesture is usually to let you know that enough affection, has been given. It depends on the cat how long they want you to pet them, and a soft nip will give you the clue that they are done. However, a quick nip can mean just the opposite, to keep you engaged to scratch and pet even longer.

Cat Ear Rotation: Rotation of a cat’ ears is a method of communication to those around it – human and feline. Pointing forward would suggest that the cat is content and aware. If the ears are straight up the cat is listening to sounds and ready to investigate. A flattened ear posture demonstrates fear. Ears that are rotated backwards and low show anger and possibly in attack mode.

 alert cat

Cat Spraying: An offensive behavior to us humans, cats will spray to mark territory or to alert a female. Spraying is different than urinating as a vertical surface is commonly used and only a small portion of urine is dispensed. All cats can spray, neutered or spayed, but it is the males that carry out this task the most.

The list is only a partial one of the many cat behaviors that exist.
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