One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel – Product Review

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Product: One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

Product Dimensions: 48″ diameter wheel, 10″ width tract wheels

Materials: 100% recycled plastic

What’s In the Box: track parts, wheel parts, 2 wheel rollers, leopard foam coverings, wheel covers, rubber mallet

Styles: Different styles to choose from: Black, Leopard

Price: $204


What happens When Boredom Strikes?

You get unhappy, energy built up, hyper cats! That’s what I have encountered many times with my cats, who are indoor/outdoor cats. When they are unable to go outside due to the weather or in my absence there seems to be a planned mayhem. Crazy running and rants are underway, yowling of discontent or frustration (they are all spayed and neutered), scratching with intensity on their posts, antagonizing each other, starting fights, begging for food without any real hunger, the list goes on and on. What does a cat guardian do in this situation?

Yes, there are lots of toys that can be used for distraction, as any cat owner has in their arsenal. But cats have a tendency of getting bored. They need interactive toys if you are not able to play with them. As I have blogged before, I am “all-in” when it comes to an interactive toy on the market.

For Everyone

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel marries the interaction play and the exercise needed for a cat. It can be used by all ages of cats, and any size or weight up to 25 pounds. That is quite a range and a great selling point for those that have many cats ranging in age, breed, and size. The One Fast Cat exercise wheel is of distinction in this category because of a number of points.

  1. It is easy enough to assemble it by one person.
  2. It is lightweight for moving
  3. It’s wheel is covered with protective EVA foam that is a practical and comfortable cushion for cat’s paws.
  4. There is longevity and design improvements in the product, since it’s launch in 2014.


The designers, of the exercise wheel put a lot of thought into the physics, mechanics and convenience of the entire package. Now, there are those that will choose to make their own cat exercise wheel, unless you have the know-how, the materials and the time, the onefastcat wheel is a lightweight product made of recycled plastic. It is a reasonably priced item, and easy to put together.

How To Use

As this strange, large object may be daunting for an animal at first, there are ways to entice your reticent cat to jump in and on the wheel! If you have a cat that is not sure how to keep the wheel going you can use a laser light for it to chase or its favorite toy to jiggle a vit higher up on the wheel. Seeing an item that is worth chasing will enact the cat into running and the wheel will start spinning. Some cats know what to do right off the bat, others are not so sure. Each cat can go at it’s own pace either at a high speed, leisurely walk or anywhere in between. The cat will either jump off when done or stop moving it’s legs. Watch the videos below to see some cat’s reaction to the wheel.



The One Fast Cat wheel has been on the market for a couple of years and is now in its 4th generation of production. So this is good news for consumers. This exercise wheel is being fine-tuned over a period of time. As noted in the video (watch above) parts to the wheel are larger and wider for less construction, and prevention of wheels coming off the track. Sean, the creator/designer of the product is very much involved and is found in one of the videos in this blog. So as a buyer one can have confidence in this product as being safe and good entertainment and exercise for your cat family.

In summary

The best reasons to purchase a One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel are:

  1. Provides play and exercise challenge in one
  2. Cats of all ages, shapes and sizes can use it
  3. construction is very easy
  4. the price is right
  5. there is a 60 try it out and return if you are not satisfied
  6. product is always being improved with it being in its 4th generation
  7. active involvement from original inventor
  8. safe product

Do you own a One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel? What is your review of this products? Leave your comments below.

One thought to “One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel – Product Review”

  1. OMG I had no idea this was a product, but I’m intrigued. And encouraged that it’s in its fourth iteration…that’s a big deal, so it must really work! My cats are always on the fat side, so it’s great that it holds up to 25 lbs. Wondering if I should get this for my old cat, she is playful but it might be challenging to entice her to use it. I can always revert to bribing her with greenies, I guess!

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