Noree in Neverland

Every now and then you encounter a cat like Noree.

She came to me bnoreey way of rescue from an unstable human environment. She is a muted gray marble color, demure, lonesome cat. She is about 6 years, and is waiting for her “fur-ever” home.

Current Housing

Currently, Noree resides at Little Orphans Animal Rescue in Montello, Wisconsin, (LOAR). She doesn’t like it there -too many other cats around. Noree is a reticent feline. She prefers to be the only cat in the house and can get irritated with others, when too much activity is happening around her. It’s not her fault really, as she has been uprooted a number of times by irresponsible humans. This is what happens, thinks Noree, when, you upset my routine.

Noree is a beautiful, playful cat with deep soulful eyes. She has her limitations though, like any of us. And like any of us, she wants to be accepted and loved. Currently barely tolerating her accommodations, she is agitated and wondering how she got into this mess.

Her Journey

I played a hand in her journey to LOAR. I learned that she was going to be euthanized by her owner, if she couldn’t be re-homed. I planned the rescue in the nick of time. Paid the twenty dollars requested, loaded up her belongings- a cat carrier, cat feeder, and some cat food and litter. A tall cat tower, also came along with her, that turned out to be a huge hit for all the cats at the rescue building.

Noree just wants to go to her new home. Noree is waiting. She is a good cat. She is in her “Neverland”.


6 thoughts to “Noree in Neverland”

  1. Hi Lainey, I think it is great that you have rescued Noree. Keep up the good work. Your website also looks real good and it is an awesome start! Hope that you will soon find a home for Noree.

    Wishing you all the best!

  2. What a beautiful looking cat and good on you for rescuing her. I so hope she can get her forever home as she looks a lovely cat and all cats deserve a good home. I can’t believe that her former owner was going to euthanise a perfectly happy cat so good on you for swooping to the rescue

    1. Thanks for your comments, Evie. Too many cats are put-down because they are unwanted and shelters have no room. The statistic is 6000 animals per day are killed in shelters; one every 1.5 seconds. I was very glad to rescue Noree.

  3. You have a beautiful heart. I always see people getting a pedigree cat and when they are bored they just dump the cats off the street. You did a good job by picking her up.

    I am a cat lover. However I did not keep any cats. I knew I don’t have the time to care for them. It’s all about responsibility. I just hope more people realise that before getting a cat to their home.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Kenny. Yes, you are absolutely right. People can be cruel to animals, and it is all about responsibility. Homing an animal is a life-long commitment. –Lainey

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