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Giving a Helping Paw

You know what they say, to give of your time is the best gift of all.

If you have a passion for cats and love to rescue them or foster them while trying to find them a home, like I do, why not get involved at a local pet rescue shelter?

No doubt every community has a cat rescue or dog or animal rescue, whether it be in your neighborhood, city or county. There are too many un-homed dogs and cats running around out there, mostly cats.

cat at the door to be rescuedTender Heart

I am one of “those” that has a tender heart for the orphan animal. I have taken into my home a variety of animals in need to help them out of the cold or with injury so that I could deliver them to a proper rehab wildlife person. It pains me to see a cat running around my neighborhood or on my deck in cold weather, looking for food. In a case like this I try to live trap the cat and immediately bring it into my cozy basement. I have never rescued a cat that didn’t want to be inside and warm, and fed.

As I have four cats, all rescues, I know the ropes, and am very careful to keep the new cat separate from my house cats. Usually, my family cat members, are not even aware of the new cat visitor.

Decision Time

Well, after a day or two, it’s time for decision. The idea of keeping another cat is always appealing, I have to consider the whole picture of adopting again. This is the step that led me to getting involved at a larger level.

My solution to a recent rescue was to find a nearby local animal rescue and take it there for a Little Orphans Animal Rescue - Cat Rescuebetter future. This investigation started a few months ago at Little Orpahn’s Animal Rescue in Montello, Wisconsin. It seemed as though I was destined to find this particular rescue, and have saved a good amount of cats that have shown up on my back deck.

Getting Involved

After taking a tour of the facility and getting know the dedicated volunteers, and the founder Sandie. I was asked to join the board of directors as the Secretary. I accepted and am now involved on a level I had no idea I would be. Being part of the mix, and watching the hard-working volunteers, who truly care for these orphan cats and dogs is a wonderful feeling. Getting involved and giving back, so that these animals will be given their “furever home”, is a beyond a just a rewarding experience. It gives me hope too, that people really do care and want to take care of their communities, while preventing suffering for those that only want to be loved and to give unconditional love.

Are you part of an animal rescue of any kind? Share your stories and comment below!

6 thoughts to “Get Involved”

  1. I completely agree with you, Lainey. There are way too many homeless cats and dogs, and the sad part is, most of them starve to death which isn’t good at all. Thanks to your helpful post, this is going to enlighten more people to think more about our animals because this is a real issue and not something to take lightly.

    You’re doing great!


    1. Brandon, I appreciate your comments. It’s very accurate what you have written, that so many cats and dogs starve to death. They also get predated upon, or get hit by moving vehicles. Thanks for caring.

  2. That is wonderful that you have joined Little Orphans as the Secretary. I wish you all the success with your position and to the animal rescue.

    I liked how you will find them their furever home. Cute.

    I did wonder though how you live trap cats. Do you just put a bowl of milk down and some food? If I got near them they would run off. So how do you persuade them to come into your home? Do you let them in your home or just outside?

    1. Owain, thank you for the comments and questions. Trapping begins with earning the animals trust with putting out smelly food, away from the live trap cage. Over the course of a week or more, the animal will come back to eat, as it will realize the food source. If you regularly move the food bowls closer, and eventually into the back of the trap, the cat will trigger it shut. I also cover the trap with a blanket so as to make it look cozy and more inviting. After trapping the cat, I carry the entire trap with cat, inside right away (so only set the trap when you are going to be around and watching for activity). I place it in a larger holding cage with all of the comforts and needs in my basement where its quiet, safe and away from my other cats. The process of making the animal feel safe and trained to recognize your voice, ensues for the next couple of weeks and then a decision can be made where to home it. Thanks so much for your questions! Lainey Feline

  3. This is such a great website! My wife absolutely adores cats… we have two of them that we deeply care for. You have a good heart to do something like this…. a rarity these days, it seems. I used to be with Wildlife Rescue… it was a very rewarding experience!

    1. Al, I am uplifted by your comment. Like you, I truly love cats, but I really love all animals– even the “creepy crawlies, and reptiles. LOL. How wonderful that you got to be a part of a Wildlife Rescue! I wish I could do that too! Thanks for sharing. Lainey

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