Toy Age Guidelines

Choosing a good toy for your cat depends on a number of variables.

These variables may include, but are not necessarily limited to, age of the cat, the size of the cat, hearing or sight impaired cat, handicapped cat, whether you need an interactive toy, or a non-interactive toy.

Let’s look at each of these categories.

Age of your cat: Recognize the stage-of-life of your cat.

A young cat will be able to keep up with a rolling toy or with chasing a feather-ended bending stick. A heavy ball maybe to cumbersome, or a part that can detach may hurt a small kitten. Toys that can break apart such as with a tiny ball in it can be dangerous for a kitten to swallow. So make the choice for sturdy toys without small parts. Be sure to discard any broken toys. Kittens playing with balls of yarn or string, thread, paper clips, erasers, rubber bands, plastic bags, twist ties, coins and small board game pieces are also dangerous if swallowed. Provide a variety of toys and to keep things fresh and intriguing, put them away between play sessions.

Another good idea is to play games with your kitten that direct its playful energy away from you. A simple chase of ping-pong balls is a good outlet. Dangle toys from a string tied to a stick like a fishing pole, but keep the pole low to discourage risky leaps.

Despite the traditional image of kittens playing with balls of yarn or string, these are dangerous if swallowed.

Senior Cats:
A senior cat may need less quickly moving toys such at a flinging string on a stick, and does not require the frequency of play even after five months! as some experts have said. That’s hard to believe. My Dexee is nine years old and still capitalizes on playtime. A companion cat that is a buddy is always a good way for cats to be stimulated in play. That is the key and importance to keep your senior cat happy, and mentally and physically toy - puffy ball

Some ordinary toy choices for all ages may include an empty paper towel cardboard cylinder, feathers from a duster, a long piece of string attached to a long smooth stick, a fluffy hair band, a small rubber ball, a waded-up piece of paper, and fuzzy mice (multiples in a package) with a rattle inside or catnip, old sock stuffed with catnip and knotted to another stuffed sock, a cardboard box to jump in and hide. Watching birds in a bird feeder or on the TV are also good ways to stimulate your senior cat.

Prime-of-Life aged Cats:

Hanging toys:
Kind of a combination of hanging and interactive toy, the Fling-A-Ma String hangs on the door knob of any door and feeds through a string in a verticle position for your cat to grab. Can fit on any door securely with its elastic straps.

Traditional Cat Toys:
cat toys - furry mouse

Mice, tunnels, cubes, furry mouse on a spring, string or felt pull on a stick, balls with bells, catnip filled soft toy or sock. The list surely goes on and on. The main thing is to choose a toy that hedges from falling apart in to pieces that could be harmful to your feline family member. And remember to switch things up, and use different toys to keep the interest of and stimulation for your cat.

Interactive toys:
Some of the cat toys on the market today provide very good stimulation through play.

Smart Cat Peekk a Prize Toy. This item brings out your cat’s instinct to find or hunt. You can place any type of toy that will fit in the holes for your cat to grab them out. Swap out different toys such as mouse toys, socks filled with catnip, crumpled paper etc., The actual box with holes is sturdy and made of wood.

Bergen Turbo Scratch Toy: A perfect combination of catching a ball in a circular tract and a scratch pad in the middle of the toy. This dual purpose functioning item is a good bang for your buck! It also gives noise stimulating engagement. Sure to last as a fun toy for years. Bergan also makes variations on this theme and has similar “around the circle” toys for cats to interact.

Undercover Mouse: A great interactive toy! The Undercover Mouse is one of them where a battery operated wand is randomly moved circularly under a tarp. My cats are engaged for a very long time. It offers four different settings and is very stimulating!

Go Cat Teaser Catcher Wand Cat Toy: A wand with a grabber item attached to a flexible wire’s end to entice your cat to run and grab it, gives your feline the opportunity of exercise, coordination challenge and fun!! There are many variations of this style of toy.

Knock around toys: