Best Scratching Products

Scratching for a feline is an essential part of their nature and health. They will carry out this behavior to remove sheaths on their claws for growth and to posture in a stretch that helps their spine. Cat scratching does not have to be a detrimental and damaging episode for your furniture or other possessions.

There are many cat scratching products being sold on the market. Variables in these items include height of posts, vertical or horizontal orientation, free-standing or adhering to a wall, sisal posts or cardboard gripping.

I have composed a list of some basic and some more creative type of cat scratching aides. Depending on your budget or fancy, you will find the right one for you and your cat(s).

1. Lounging Cat Scratch Hollow

This ergonomic and stylish scratching hollow is on the higher end of products, but will last a long time. It has an appealing design that blends in with furniture. It is made of dense, sturdy cardboard, and therefore, can support larger cats. It can be mounted on the wall and cut down as is it used, over time.

2. Tall Sisal Plank Scratching Post

A durable product of durable sisal carpet on a high post, this is one of the best scratching posts. It has a large wooden base to help prevent tipping and with it’s 32″ in height, it’s taller than most posts, for adult cats to get a full stretch.

3. CatostrophiCreations Sky Track

If you have more than one cat and you have the space, this cat scratching post and wall mounted jungle gym is a great choice! It provides your felines with scratching on a long post and offers comfy resting hammocks and climbing fun, with this gym. It also allows your cat to climb to heights that they both enjoy and feel safe. They also come in different structural designs for you to fit into your home.