Advantek GFA Catch & Release Live Animal Trap Review – Rescue a Cat

trap imageProduct: Advantek GFA Catch & Release Live Animal Trap
Price: $29.99
Best Place to Buy: Tractor Supply
Large Trap Dimensions: 32″x 12″x 10″
Small Trap Dimensions: 24″x 7″x 7″
Warranty: Lifetime
My Rating: 10 out of 10

If you are going to rescue a cat that you see running around your area, you are going to need a safe way to trap it, both for you and the animal. An effective and humane trap is the Advantek GFA Catch & Release Animal Trap sold at Tractor Supply.

This fully assembled trap that measures is ideal for containing stray cats, but also can be used to rescue raccoons, woodchucks/groundhogs, opossums, armadillos, and other animals in this weight and size range.

A Bonus!!


It is a great deal with its bonus small trap that comes with the larger trap. These dimensions are best suited for catching and releasing chipmunks, squirrels, flying squirrels, rats and weasels, for relocation of the animal.

Having had the experience of capturing feral, and non-feral cats, I have found that this trap is just what I needed to get the job done. It has a step trigger in the rear of the cage. I entice the animal with food in the back area of the vessel, and the release works well to slam shut without a possible escape or injury.


The design of the trap, with its smooth edges prevents harm to the animal, which is what is preferred when catching a scarred animal such as a stray cat, that needs to be rescued and re-homed.

Storing the Advantek live animal trap is also easy enough, as it is lightweight enough to hang on a shed or garage wall through one of its mesh openings. Cleaning it can be done by hosing it down and letting it drip dry or pad it down with a rag. I have not experienced this item to rust in any weather. With its lifetime warranty, I don’t have to worry, although it has proven to be very durable and is thus a great bang for your buck!
I know I will be using mine for many years to come, for my cat rescues.

Have you rescued a cat to re-home or keep as a new family member? The Advantek Live Trap may be for you! Leave your comments below.


4 thoughts to “Advantek GFA Catch & Release Live Animal Trap Review – Rescue a Cat”

  1. Well, this is quite a safe way to catch racoons, stray cats and many other critters. This trap seem pretty easy enough to set up and use and one can easily take the animals to animal shelter as safely as possible

    1. Yes, you are right it is a safe way to catch critters for relocation to a shelter. I have used mine many times, even helping out a raccoon or two!

  2. Hey there,

    Would you please tell me how exactly the trap works.
    In my area, there are a lot of cats and I would like to catch some of tose little animals.
    I like that it is designed to catch them without hurting them.
    Thanks for the great tip.

    1. This trap works by setting up the trigger on the outside of the cage. The trigger release is a plate of metal inside the cage that the animal activates when it steps on it. With the animal’s stepping action, the trigger on the outside collapses, and slams shuts the door (downward). Because the metal plate is in the back of the cage, the animal has to be all the way inside before the door will fall and shut, avoiding any harm to the animal. So when you are enticing the cat or other animal inside, you must put the treat of food in the very back end of the trap for the safety of the animal. I hope this clearly explains the functioning of the trap.

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