About Me

Hello, my name is Lainey and I am crazy for cats. So if you are too, you have come to the right place to find out all sorts of helpful information regarding your feline(s).

I am a web and graphic designer by trade, and have built many websites for clients. As my clients have grown in their success, I realized I wanted to try something for my own online experience and success. Since I am crazy for cats, I chose to build a site that would provide helpful information in all areas that concerned cats and cat “ownership”. This concept of “ownership” is not truly applicable to felines, as any cat lover knows. So to continue, in this desire, I began to do searches online for various topics that I needed to investigate concerning my cats. I got frustrated because most websites seemed topic specific, so I decided to build a site that would be all encompassing with information and links and products to help cat owners find information that they may need to help enhance the life of their cat.  I created cat9lives.com for this purpose.

A little about me and my feline family – I reside in rural Wisconsin, USA, with my four cats, Dexee (female 9 yrs), Rylee (female 8.5 yrs), Dukee (male 3 years) and Fancee (male 6.5 yrs). As they are all rescues from the outdoors, they have become beautiful, loyal and loving members of my family.

I am also an active board member, Secretary for an animal rescue, in Montello, Wisconsin, Little Orphans Animal Rescue. We find loving furever homes for many cats and dogs and any other critter that may need a helping hand.

I chose to live a bit outside of the municipality to offer my animals — this also includes a Silkie Bantam Rooster named “Splash”, a better life. They have to ability to live in the out-of-doors as well as the indoors. I never allow them to be out at night and provide safety tethered leashes and invisible fencing for the daylight hours. Each cat is different and so it’s been a process to figure out what works best for the individual cat. For example Dexee, my oldest, long haired calico, and beauty queen of the family, is content to sit, always under a structure, such as a deck chair or table, while gently tethered. She just wants to watch the birds and sniff the air. Fancee, my latest addition, a pale orange tabby male, wears the PetSafe cat collar for the invisible fencing system to contain him in the front and back yard. It took awhile, but he did get used to the concept and found that there was plenty to sniff and places to sleep in our very own yard.

I take my cat parenting very seriously and am in it to the end. I want to give my cats the best life that I can. As I provide the visitor with information, I am learning new things too.

Because of the vast amount of information out there, I make regular updates to cat9lives.com, to provide new topics and help tips. I hope that you find this information helpful and you visit cat9lives.com frequently. Thank you. Meow. Lainey